Opening Soon!

Thank you very much for your continued interest in our pasties. We look forward to seeing and reconnecting you!  Our pasty shop is almost completed!  We are now slightly delayed by a backordered part to properly vent our oven.  

Our goal is to have pasties made and available frozen by June 21, 2017.  We will have limited staffed hours.  Please note, staffed hours may change at any time, to evolve with our new system.   We plan to have frozen pasties available for drop-in customers, however, pre-ordering is a guaranteed way to ensure your pasties will be available.

Pasty Pick-Up After Staffed Hours

We have installed a keyless code system at the pasty shop, so you can pick-up your pasties at your most convenient time. After we provide you with the code, you will have frozen pasties available for you after staffed hours. Your preordered pasties will be available in a freezer in the front room. The bag containing your pasties will be clearly marked. The front room will be equipped with motion lights and security cameras. Because this system operates on our wifi network, we are able to assist you through our smartphone should any problems arise. Key code entry is 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  

Staffed pick up hours

Contact info and Staffed Hours will be available soon.  We will try to answer phone calls during staffed hours; otherwise please leave a message and we will return your call. If you wish, we can also establish a reoccurring order (once a week/month, etc.) for you as well.

We can arrange payment by credit card, or you may simply leave cash or a check in a secure box in the front room during pasty pick up. 

We will also be taking office lunch orders (hot pasties) during staffed pick up hours!  Please call in your order at least a day in advance to ensure your order. 

The menu will change from time to time and you will receive updates.  We are also working on this website and hope to have it completed soon.  

We will be able to ship pasties to out-of-town customers.  We will ship packages on Mondays with UPS, and they should be delivered in one to two days.  

We are excited to be very close to creating the best pasty possible and hope this transition creates a smooth experience for everyone.

Joe's Pasty Shop