Our vegetarian whole wheat pastry crust just got better!

We are thrilled to partner with Century Sun Oil, LLC from Pulaski, Wi. Century Sun Oil is a 130 year old family farm that repurposed their dairy barn to press and bottle small batches of sunflower oil to create an oil for cooking that is versatile, GMO, gluten and trans fat free.

“Dale and Pam Johnson work with certified organic farmers in the area who grow a variety-specific sunflower seeds in a diverse crop rotation. When cold pressed and filtered through our proprietary processes, these seeds yield a premium high-oleic certified organic sunflower oil. All seeds are pressed and bottled in small batches in our state-certified repurposed dairy barn under our close supervision to ensure integrity and quality of product.”

Visit their website for more interesting facts about sunflower oil at www.centurysunoil.com

Joe’s Pasty Shop strives to create a pasty that is tasty, healthy, and has the smallest environmental impact as possible. By eliminating the use of olive oil that is produced over seas, we reduce our carbon footprint, as well as cook with an oil that is much fresher and trust the source to be pure cold pressed oil with out using chemical extraction.